2019-07-14 04:25:19 来源: 临沂信息港

Walking along the river, the beautiful and scenic come into sight.Hearing the rhythmic song from the birds,Seeing the fallen leaves and the falling flowers dancing in the air,Touching the hurry running water,Feeling the feelings by heart,Drinking in the scenery and lost in thought.

Never own such a sweet day!Never have a feeling so sweetness!Never find a beautiful city as Shenzhen!Never thought the sight in dreams comes true now!Never a word can express at this time

One's spring and youth has passed never to return.With a tinge of emotion for time flies,Look back to the passed time and the persons we brushed with,See the stream of trace as the years brings to,And noted the time we have wasted,Guilty comes to heart.

But still happy about that it is not late when aware of these.Then every seconds is so precious.Feeling the coming different days by heartWith kind and meaningful lifestyle.